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Have you been told “Nothing Can Be Done?” We understand how hopeless and desperate life can be, limited with neuropathy!  

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Sharon S. says…

“I have suffered with neuropathy in my feet and fingertips since my breast cancer chemotherapy treatments began in 2006.  When Dr. Bruce Stevens told  me he was going to expand his chiropractic practice to begin Woodstock Health Institute and include neuropathy therapy, I followed him without hesitation.  Being a widow for 10 years I have relied on Dr. Bruce for guidance and support concerning my health. So on 8/2/22 I signed up for the neuropathy treatments.

It is amazing (a miracle actually) how much this therapy has helped me.  My legs no longer feel like I am wearing knee socks and I can actually feel the bottom of my feet again. The severe pain I have felt in my feet at bedtime has been eliminated and I no longer have to walk with a cane!!”

Melanie S.. says…

“It’s absolutely been an amazing experience. my original plan or at least I thought in my head that it was going to be like first 30 days, maybe the pain would go away and  I could get through the night and maybe sleep a little bit better. And the first seven to fifteen days already the pain is gone. And so I’m super excited about the experience.”

Michael Blair says…

My Father, Ken Blair (4-SuperBowl Rings) who had Neuropathy always mentioned growing up to me that his feet were burning and he did nothing about it. He thought it was Football related and eventually it got where he had No Balance and it was hard for him to Walk at an early age of 60-65 years old. For the past 3 years, prior to Seeing Dr. Stevens at Woodstock Health Institute, my feet started burning just like my Dad’s, and I noticed my balance was a little off… it was a GOD thing that Led me to Woodstock Health Institute. (That’s another Great Story). I decided then, when I noticed the burning sensation in my feet that I was going to do something about it and not sit around and wait for it to go away. I am a very “visual” person and when I went into see Dr. Stevens he actually showed me and explained to me in a simple way that I could understand how I can get better and stop the burning sensation in my feet. “The Game Plan” made total sense to me on how I was going to get better. I did the therapy and treatment just like Dr. Stevens recommended and it was just a short time after treatments my burning sensation went away. I sleep 100% better with NO BURNING SENSATION whatsoever. My balance and energy is back to 100%. I Thank You So Much Dr. Stevens, Rene, Dr. John and the entire staff at Woodstock Health Institute for making me healthy again. Blessings to you all and a Sincere THANK YOU for fixing me up. The best part, I made some everlasting friends for ever. 💯❤️💯

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