Dr. Bruce…


I have  been in practice since 1993. In my chiropractic practice, I have  treated many walks of life from professional athletes and elderly all the way to newborns and family care. I recognized the need to bring his approach into neuropathy care. There is virtually little to no help for people suffering with neuropathy. Mostly they are given drugs to deal with the symptoms which leave people in worse shape.  His unique approach and his team at Woodstock Health Institute have been able to help many people improve and even reverse their neuropathy to get their quality of life back.

I have been married to my wife Rene since 1994.She has been with me every step of the way in practice. We have discovered the magic of working together as a couple have been committed to growth and self improvement.

My style of practice revolves around the fact that we all have an innate, God given ability to heal and become healthier. In most cases given the proper care and recommendations I can help put someone on the path to better health. I look at health care as a partnership.  I love working with other providers when indicated like PTs and MDs to achieve maximum results in the fastest time. I am Board Certified in Neuropathy because I wanted to learn more about helping people free themselves from the pain and limitations brought on by neuropathy. Years ago I was like most doctors who were taught that neuropathy is not treatable, other than with nerve pain meds. I discovered my mother had neuropathy in her feet which was causing her to be unsteady on her feet. At the. same time my daughter and her husband discovered that new approaches existed to begin to slow and even reverse the progressive nerve damage seen in neuropathy. So I began my journey starting with my mom who was 94 at the time. I’m happy to say that she is finding relief and improved balance and feeling in her feet as a result of this form of care.

In my journey of life’s ups and downs, I have realized that the most important thing is that there are many important things. A few of which are family, spiritual and physical health, having a favorable view of one’s self, and a life with freedom and abundance. Success for me is moving towards the enhancement of these areas. Helping others to do this is even more enriching. Being an example of this is the ultimate.


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